Recording to benefit Japanese tsunami victims

I was honored to participate in the recording of "One Word", by Japanese guitar great Yoshiaki Masuo, who wrote and recorded the song to raise funds for the victims of the Japanese tsunami.  A tremendous turnout of New York City jazz musicians, engineers and photographers participated in the recording at Avatar Studios.  Here's the lineup: Yoshiaki Masuo (g, vo, keyb), Tony Marino (b), Marko Marcinko (ds, perc), Mark Soskin (p), Tim Ries (ts, ss), Bill O'Connell (p), Bob Albanese (pianica), Clifton Anderson (tb), Ben Kraef (ts),  Makoto Ozone (org), Shiro Sadamura (el-vln), Bob Mover (as), Tadataka Unno (p), Soren Moller (org), Tōru Dodo (p), Lew Soloff (tp), Susan Pereira (chorus vo), Carol Moore (chorus), Gino Sitson (chorus), Dennis Day (chorus), Bill Mays (p, cello arrangement), Alisa Horn (cello), Kei Akagi (p, keyb), Phil Woods (as), The Twolips (background vo, chorus)

Michael McDonald (Recording Engineer at Kakinoki Studio), Shinobu Mitsuoka (Assistant Engineer), Katsuhiko Naito (Recording Engineer at Avatar Studios), Bob Mallory (Assistant Engineer), Jay Messina (Mixing and Mastering at West End Sound), Takehiko Tokiwa (Photos), Kirk Imamura (Avatar studios), Ed Wedberg (piano technician)

To purchase a download of the song please go to: and click on  "One Word page in English".  All proceeds will go directly to tsunami relief efforts sponsored by Japanese Red Cross Society and GB Fund The Northeast Japan Earthquake Restoration Fund.